16 March 2018 / Club News

International prediction tickets latest update



Going into last weekend there were 30 tickets remaining that were 100 % correct, coming out of the weekend there now remains only 1, and this person is connected with the Land Registry. 


Summary of how its gone so far 


Just short of 1100 tickets sold 


After six games i.e. two weekends only 74 tickets remained 100% correct 


After nine games only 30 tickets remained 100 % correct 


After 12 games only 1 ticket remained 100% correct 


The holder of this remaining ticket has predicted the following results for the coming final weekend of this years six nations  


Italy vs Scotland an away win 


England vs Ireland a home win 


Wales vs France a home win 


So if her predictions materialise she will be the sole winner of the prize fund of 500 pounds. 


However if one or more turns out to be incorrect then all of the tickets will be checked again to see who or whom has the best overall prediction results. The 500 pound prize fund will then be divvied up between the winner/winners.

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