24 March 2019 / Club News

Conclusions to this years six nations international prediction tickets

Conclusions to this years six nations international prediction tickets 


Congratulations to our National Team for winning the Grand Slam, you were brilliant.   As can often be the case the tournament produces unpredictable outcomes, for most of us that is.  


There are 15 games played during the tournament.  We sold 1490 tickets and after six games only 130 of them were 100% correct. After 9 games only 37 and after 12 games 33 (very many more at this stage than year when there was only 1 person 100% correct) and after the 15th game nobody was 100% correct. The draw between England and Scotland catching out (almost all of the 1490 entries) and all of those still in the chase. 


This meant that those with only one wrong would be winners and after checking all the 1490 tickets again we found that there were 17 winners (similar to last year). So well done them. You have to feel particularly sorry for two of these for they had Scotland to beat England and of course England equalised with the last play of the entire tournament. 


Each winner will receive a 1/17th share of the prize fund i.e. 500 / 17 = 30 pounds

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